Apr 9, 2016

Health Expo is "Biggest Event Yet."

"The biggest event yet" is how Committee Chair, and Future Foundation Trustee, Louis Celaya described this year's Health Expo event held at the Agoura Hills/ Calabasas Community Center on April 9. An estimated 600 people attended the event to take advantage of free and low cost health screenings provided by Los Robles Hospital, UCLA Health and other health care providers. 

The event gave a big assist to people needing low cost health screening. Most notably, the carotid artery test found 3 people with full blockage! The Health Expo may have saved 3 lives with that screening alone. 

Thanks to our major sponsors:  Agoura Hills/ Calabasas Community Center, The Acorn Newspapers, LosRobles Hospital, and UCLA Health.

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