Feb 25, 2016

Youth Leadership Visits Los Robles Hospital

February 3rd Youth Leadership Congress visited Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks and listened to three administrators who lead specific areas of the hospital. The first person we met oversees the neonatal and pediatric areas. She gave us examples of devices they use in the hospital for infants and pregnant women and quizzed us on the use of each device and then gave more insight into these items and their function. Afterwards, she answered questions like, "How do you treat for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome babies" or "How do you care for premature babies?" Our second guest speaker is in charge of the laboratories at Los Robles. He explained the importance of doing lab work on blood and other fluids to help physicians diagnose patients and did an overview of many diseases that can be found in characteristics of blood and urine. He also talked about how diseases are caused by either bacteria or viruses. He answered our questions about the struggle against bacterial resistance as well as the difficulty in finding a treatment for HIV.
Our final speaker informed us about a new form of CPR called sidewalk CPR. In sidewalk CPR you don't breathe air into victim's lungs. Instead you continually push against their chest until paramedics come or until you become exhausted. This trip helped give insight into the medical field and how being a leader can help save lives.

Story by Peter Horvet

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