Mar 26, 2015

Youth Leadership Students Visit Reagan Library

The meeting began with the docents introducing themselves and making their opening remarks. The docents told students about the Ronald Regan Student Leadership Program which gives students the chance to further hone their leadership skills over the summer, particularly their communication, outlook and decision making skills. The overall goal of the program is to give students a plan to put into action once they return to school in the fall. The docents presented some general information about the Regan era including the Cold War, the political instability in Lebanon and the rise of the Soviet Union and Communism in other countries like Nicaragua, Cuba and Grenada.

The students were then split up into the three modules of the discovery center. Students were assigned to either the military, the press or the Oval Office and began to learn background information concerning their respective roles. The press module learned about the importance of the first amendment and the responsibilities of reporters. The military module learned about various strategies proposed to evacuate the American students out of Grenada and the Oval Office module learned about the responsibilities of President Regan and his staff. The meeting culminated in a press conference in which all three modules convened in the press room and the military and Oval Office module answered questions from the press.

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