Feb 9, 2015

Youth Leadership Goes Behind the Scenes at the Thousand Oaks Teen Center

Micah Akerson, the director of the Teen Center, began the meeting by introducing himself and asking everyone to form a large circle. Students introduced themselves with their name, grade level, school and an interesting fact and also played games like “Never have I ever.” After the icebreakers, Mr. Akerson screened a brief video outlining the various activities the Teen Center organizes and presented a PowerPoint explaining the goals of and reasons behind the Teen Center.
He also highlighted the many different careers in recreational management such as event coordination, national park management and cruise line management and mentioned that both Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Northridge have exceptional programs in these fields.

The meeting concluded with an activity in which students had to work together to solve a real problem that the Teen Center management faced such as how to organize a local Battle of the Bands or how to attract more high school students. Their plans were presented by a representative from each of the tables. The students then enjoyed pizza and beverages provided by the Rotary Club of Westlake Village, represented by Audrey Brown and Barbara Chilton. They also conducted a questionnaire and told the audience about the Rotary Club and its humanitarian efforts. Robby Williams was also present and helped to set up the chairs and sound system in the gym.
Story by Derek Fang


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