Feb 3, 2014

Youth Congress Leadership Explores Medical Services at Los Robles Hospital

On Wednesday January 22nd, the participants of the Youth Congress Leadership Program had the pleasure of meeting at Los Robles Hospital, where we were learned about many facets of the hospital. We enjoyed presentations by several of the professional staff who work there.

First, we met with Irene Brennick, who is in charge of the volunteer program at the hospital and she introduced us to two student volunteers. We then met with Lynn Tadlock, Director of Emergency Services, who told us about her experiences at the hospital and led us in an engaging activity based on what triage nurses do. Three students volunteered to act as people needing to go to the emergency room and each had a different ailment. There was only one bed available and we had to decide who would get it. We learned a lot about how an emergency room works.

Next, Debbie Licht, RN explained how to do CPR and then we each practiced on dummies so that hopefully we would be able to save someone’s life in the future. Next we met Gabe Bullaro, VP of Surgical Services who taught us about problem solving and showed us how surgeons perform robotic surgery.

Lastly, we were introduced to Lee Abramo, a veteran nurse of 38 years in the emergency room, who told us about her love of the nursing field and all the benefits of being a nurse. She even told us about the time she saved a life at the Reagan Library! This was a very exciting meeting and we would like to thank Los Robles Hospital for accommodating us and for providing a wonderful, inspiring experience.

Afterward, Ms. Brennick told us about the wonderful volunteer program at Los Robles. There are a total of 750 volunteers at the hospital who help in many different ways. It is such a great program that many of the Youth Congress Leadership Program participants signed up to volunteer!

Story by Ana Gougas

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