May 9, 2013

Youth Leadership Visit King Gillette Ranch

On Tuesday, April 9th, the Conejo Valley Youth Congress Program traveled to King Gillette Ranch, a parkland located in the center of the Malibu Creek Watershed. Our group was greeted warmly by Melanie Beck, an Outdoor Recreational Planner in charge of trail planning and appraising needs for outdoor resources at the facility.

Melanie lectured extensively on King Gillette Ranch through her expertise in outdoor ecosystems and management. Named for the razor magnate, King C. Gillette, King Gillette Ranch not only houses much of the wildlife in the area, but it also provides insight into California’s cultural and archaeological history. After a brief introduction, Melanie brought us along a tour of the facility, a trip that proved both educational and fun.

We examined various wildlife exhibits that provided information on the surrounding ecosystem and our local issues, such as the endangerment of mountain lions. Melanie concluded the trip by bringing together the concept of individual interests versus community ideals, emphasizing that our decisions to industrialize should consider the safety of our ecosystem.

We left King Gillette Ranch with a higher understanding of the habitat around us, as well as a deeper appreciation for what our actions can do to the environment.

Story by Gilbert Bao