Mar 13, 2013

Youth Leadership Visits Los Robles Hospital East Campus

On Tuesday, February 26th, 2013, the Youth Congress Leadership Program journeyed to the Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center East Campus in Westlake Village. Built in 1968, the Los Robles Hospital now employs more than six hundred board certified physicians and boasts comprehensive medical services in over fifty specialties. After a compelling introduction by Simi Chandice, Director of the entire East Campus, professionals working in everything from physical rehab to medicine explained the basics and intricacies of their respective professions, giving us an idea of what working in a hospital is like. Courtney Ford, a dietitian working at Los Robles, and Mary Lens, cardiac expert, familiarized us with the various diets and activities that patients undergo during rehabilitation. Occupational therapist Suzanne Crawford, Speech Director Kim Herbert, and Activities Director Christy Badamyan furthered our understanding of the types of rehabilitation methods that patients experience while recovering from injuries or ailments. Not only were we presented with a wealth of information, but we also got to see various wings first-hand as we embarked on an extremely informative tour led by volunteers Joe and Marcia Sands. Concluding with a description of medicine and its impact to patients by pharmacist Sandy Richardson, the visit to Los Robles left us with a richer understanding of the hospital’s functions, as well as a deeper appreciation for the work that physicians and health professionals do for our lives. 

Story by Gilbert Bao.

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