Feb 25, 2013

Youth Congress Leadership Students Visits Conejo Players Theater

Dick Johnson Explains a Set
Our next stop was at the Conjeo Players Theater. In 1964, the theater was built in a barn with a handful of volunteers working to put on shows each day. For forty years, Conjeo Players Theater has provided the community with a year round schedule of affordable live theater produced to serve the cultural, educational, and entertainment needs of the community. The theater has welcomed and provided an avocational opportunity for all volunteers interested in the theatre arts to participate in the many activities of community theatre. Dick Johnson, executive director, explained how teamwork and discipline are both essential for a play to go smoothly. He explained how the director is basically the overseer. They tell the actors where to move on stage as well as come up with the basic design elements for the show. While the actors and designers do bring their own creative ideas to the table when collaborating on a show, it is the director's job to oversee and make sure it falls within their vision for the show. At last we were given a tour around backstage. We met with the stage carpenter. He helps build scenic elements for theatrical productions. Last, the executive director told us how theatre is for intellectual enrichment. It enriches our mind to feed our brain with pleasure and makes us think about the characters we see on the stage. One way or another theatre is a great intellectual experience. Regardless whether we are playwrights, directors, actors or members of audience, all of us share outcomes of these processes.


Article written by Sowgand Bashiri from Oak Park High School

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