Apr 2, 2012

Agoura Animal Shelter Plays Host to Youth Congress Leadership Students

On March 21st, the Youth Congress Leadership students went to the Agoura Animal Shelter, where they learned about the various functions of the shelter and the various volunteer opportunities. First, the students went on a tour around the shelter, starting with the Spay and Neuter Center. Led by Animal Control Officer, Kelly Miller and Sergeant Chris Childs, the students were able to learn about what a daily routine in the center looked like. Furthermore, the students were able to spend time with the numerous adoption-waiting animals at the center, including dogs, cats, bunnies, two roosters, a duck, and even a horse. Finally, students were informed of the various volunteer opportunities offered at the shelter. Students who had an affinity towards animals and a desire to care for and tend for abandoned or stray animals were encouraged to apply. The student volunteers at the shelter expressed their happiness in helping out. For more information on the shelter, volunteer opportunities, or ways to adopt a pet, visit http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/.
         Brian Chang

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