Mar 8, 2012

Los Robles Hospital Gives Youth Congress Leadership Group a "Hands-on" Experience

This week students visited Los Robles Hospital in order to learn more about the way the hospital runs, including various different areas within the hospital. The three featured departments were radiology, ER (Emergency Room), and surgery. During the radiology session, students were able to take a look at various different x-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs in order to determine various incidents that the hospital regularly encounters. During the ER session, students learned about the challenges of keeping order and efficiency in the hospital amidst the chaos and constantly increasing number of patients. Finally, during the surgery unit, students were able to use various surgical tools in a hands-on experience, where they realized the enormous challenges of operating with such miniature and intricate tools.
                      Brian Chang

Students Get First Hand Look at Surgical Tools

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