Feb 27, 2012

Youth Congress Visits Cal Lutheran University

On Wednesday, February 8th, Youth Congress Leadership Program participants visited Cal Lutheran University (CLU). First, the Campus Experience Coordinator, Wes Sullivan, welcomed and congratulated us on taking the first step on the journey of colleges and careers. He talked about school life from a more academic standpoint, discussing subject variety, academic liberty, integration with community, and religious freedom on campus. He then yielded the floor to the Student Body President, Jesse McClain, who related to us his experiences and how CLU allows him to express and explore his talents. He answered our questions regarding college life and the balance between academics and recreation on campus; from mountain biking to social clubs to singing in choir, CLU offers something for everyone. We then separated into groups and took a tour of the 225-acre campus. We were shown the comfortable dorms, the classrooms that accommodate twenty or so students, the chemistry laboratories, CLU’s state-of-the-art green building, and the athletic fields. The meeting concluded with a question and answer session with Director of Admission, Michael Elgarico, who told us that because so many applicants have incredible grades and high SAT scores, what really makes an individual stand out is their extracurricular activities. Overall, this was an informative meeting that broadened our college perspectives.
                  Jane Chen

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