Jan 30, 2012

Four Seasons Hotel Introduces Hospitality Industry to Youth Congress Leadership

Fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel
On January 11th, Youth Congress Leadership Program participants toured the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village. The Four Seasons is an idyllic retreat enclosed by pine trees and a waterfall lawn area, a tranquil escape from daily stress. We toured its deluxe fitness room, luxurious pools and spas, grand ballroom, longevity center, three kitchens, Chinese-influenced garden, among much more. At the end of the tour, we had a question-and-answer session with the hotel’s Director of Human Resources,
Mr. Jim Cathcart.  He encouraged us to consider a future in the hotel business because it offers something for everyone. Be it management, public relations or cuisine, this field can accommodate a variety of personal interests.

We learned that the one crucial quality human resource managers look for is hospitality – customers are “Gods”. As Mr. Cathcart said, the staff is trained so that “every pore of their body is bursting with happiness”. For example, guests who pay thousands of dollars per night for the Presidential Suite have their every need and desire catered to in the same manner as guests who are lodged in a standard suite: there is no such thing as “no”. We also learned about the hierarchy of the hotel system. Almost all hotel personnel begin working as a secretary or assistant and work their way up as they spend more time in the industry, although people with college degrees in the Hospitality Industry field tend to secure higher level positions. Their success is determined by personal resolve and ability. Overall, this gave us a valuable opportunity to see how a hotel is run and showed us a greener, serene space hidden in the corners of Westlake Village.

Story by Jane Chen 

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Jan 23, 2012

Youth Congress Leadership 2012 Officers:

Co-Chairs:        Jane Chen & Brian Chang
Vice Chair:          Aakash Jha
Secretary:            Vasant Iyer
Historian:              Inez Lam
Follow-Up Chair:     Michael Cozzi