Mar 12, 2011

Disaster Unfolds in Japan in Real Time

Communications technology has brought us to a point in human history where the world has very nearly become a single village. As the devastating earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan, people all over the world were able to watch the horrifying events on television and mobile devices in real time. Within the last few months the same technology gave the world a very personalized window into the events on the streets of the Middle East. What this new level of connection means for the future relationships among nations and diverse peoples is open to question. But one cannot help but feel that we are on the cusp of profound changes.

Here is what spiritual author, Deepak Chopra, has to say as quoted in today's Los Angeles Times: "We are living in a very interesting time. What is emerging is that you cannot separate yourself emotionally or in any other way from what is happening anywhere in the world. We are a global community. We need to feel this pain. We need to act upon it. We need to realize that we are now entangled with everything that happens - everywhere."

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