Feb 21, 2011

Youth Congress Leadership Visits Las Virgenes Water District

Jeff Reinhardt Explains Water Distribution in California
Our visit to the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District February 9, 2011 was very informative. The speakers, led by Jeff Reinhardt, included, Carlos Reyes, Deborah Low, and Jacqy Gamble.  They enlightened us to the water problems currently facing California, and more importantly, the growing divide between the interests of Northern and Southern California. Using the information given to us about California’s water issues, we were divided into two interests groups. While we weren’t successful in resolving the North/South difference in interests, it was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience.  
Steven Francus

Jacqy Gamble Explains Environmental Impacts of Water Distribution

 Michael Cozzi of Calabasas High School, & Tony Milgram of Newbury Park High, present the positions of Northern and Southern California on Water

Complex Water Issues Get Students' Full Attention

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