Feb 2, 2011

2010-11 Youth Congress Leadership Program Begins

The 2010-11 Youth Congress Leadership Program began on November 26, 2010 with over 70 students enrolled from area schools. The program began with the Chief Adult Advisor for the group, Pat Grant, leading the students through a brief orientation. That was followed by a series of group activities led by Cliff Moore from Oak Park High School, which was focused on getting students to meet one another.

Students participating are in grades 9-12 and attend various schools in the community including Agoura High , Calabasas High, La Reina High, Newbury Park High, Oak Park High, Thousand Oaks High, and Westlake High Schools.

The objective of the Youth Congress Leadership Program is to help students learn more about their communities and encourage them to become active members of their cities so that they can provide input to those agencies that affect their lives.

The 2010-11 program includes a Forum by Kiwanis, Rotary and Soroptimist members; visitations to: Kavli Theater at the Civic Arts Plaza, East Valley Sheriff’s Station, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Community Conscience, Greater Conejo Chamber of Commerce, Las Virgenes Unified School District, Thousand Oaks Hospital and a Wrap-up and Kiwanis Dinner.

Youth Congress Leadership Program Participants - 2011

Olivia Aulicino 
Christian Barry
Eszter Boltis
Max Bronstein
Madison Call
Jihwan Chang
Jane Chen
Lauren Chi
Caroline Chong
Katie Chong
Hailey Costigan
Michael Cozzi
Grant Feitshans
Alyssa Flanders
Dylan Flanders
Steven Francus
Lauren Gay
Adam Ginell
Brian Ginell
Ethan Goldberg
Rocio Gonzalez
Pamela Guo
Stan Jaocin Gurrola
Allie Gurwitz
John Hadzipetros
Lamia Hajani
Camillah Hamideh
Kate Harding
Jordan Hobman
Vasant Iyer
Aakash Jha
Katya Kramer
Sonja Kramer
Inez Lam
Forrest Leichtberg
Jamie Lutz
Missy Malouff
Ryan Malouff
Elizabeth Matusov
Gil Melili
Tony Milgram
Mark Miller
Claire Moss
Ginikachi Olelewe
Kelechi Olelewe
Carlos Ortiz
Ronak Parida
Remington Parker
Nicholas Peterson
Callahan Powell
Conner Powell
Anish Puri
Rachel Rodewald
Vivian Rotenstein
Brooke Rutherford
Marina Sanchez
Isabella Sayyah
Jonathan Sears
Sumedh Shah
Michelle Shpilskaya
Effie Sklavenitis
Justin Smith
Emily Tejeda
Shannon Tempelton
Natasha Todd
Stephanie Varsha
Ian Walters
Vincent Wang
Delaney Warnes
Ashna Yalamanchi
Meghan Yalalanchi
Melissa Yu
Jenny Zhou

The 2010-11 Youth Congress Leadership Officers

Chair, Tony Milgram                      Newbury Park High School
Vice Chair, Caroline Chong                      Agoura High School
Secretary, Elizabeth Matusov               Westlake High School
Follow-up Chair, Madison Call               Westlake High School
Recruitment Chair, Effie Sklarenitis      Westlake High School
Web Page, Steven Fracus                       Westlake High School
Co-Historian, Inez Lam                           Westlake High School
Co-Historian, Missy Malouff                  Westlake High School

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