Oct 25, 2010

Learning Outside of Classrooms

The Futurist magazine is predicting that "class time" as a notion separate from "non-class time," will disappear from education. To be fair, they are characterizing their predictions as more "conversation starters," than "absolute predictions" about the future. Here is what they are saying:

"The Net generation uses technologies both for socializing and for working and learning, so their approach to tasks is less about competing and more about working as teams. In this way, social networking is already facilitating collaborative forms of learning outside of classrooms and beyond formal class schedules."

A significant part of what CLVFF has always done, involves education.  Our programs for youth are designed to provide information about careers, government, local institutions and even about themselves. Our programs for seniors similarly help to educate them about health, finances, nutrition and other subjects vital to their age group. Our topical symposiums provide information on a number of issues important to the community at large. All of this takes place outside the traditional class room, and participants are often learning from each other. It is not a far stretch to see how  people, particularly the younger generation, are using online resources and online interactions to educate themselves outside the conventions of the classroom.

But if the line between class time and outside the class learning time is eliminated, how does that affect the traditional recognition of academic achievement, diplomas and degrees? How can educators evaluate or authenticate this kind of education? Futurist believes that the educators themselves will operate to a large degree outside of the traditional classroom:  "The era of hyperconnectivity will require most professionals to weave their careers and personal lives into a blended mosaic of activity."

Has your life become a "blended mosaic of activity" yet? Click on "comments" below and tell us about it.


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