Apr 13, 2010

Youth Congress Visits Los Robles Hospital

Youth Congress Leadership Students Enthusiastic
about visiting Los Robles Hospital.

"The Youth Congress meeting at the Los Robles Hospital was extremely interesting. I was able to learn all about how the emergency room is handled and all the diferent jobs that are available in a medical career. I enjoyed this meeting so much that I picked up an application to volunteer at the Los Robles Hospital on my way out."         Jamie Lutz

"I thought the presentation at Los Robles was great! The presentations were interesting and interactive, and the snacks was a plus! It was especially successful too because I could tell several people were interested in this subject and a lot of good questions were asked and answered."    Melinda Fang

Lynn Tadlock, Director of Emergency Room Services, 
talks to students about procedures in the Emergency Room

"My favorite part of the program was learning about the ABC's of the emergency room and learning which individuals are chosen to be accepted into the emergency room before others. It was disappointing to learn of the long waiting time to become a volunteer at the hospital."    Dylan Flanders 

 Dr. Franklin Weil addresses the students.

"The emergency room nurses were interesting because they gave a lot of information on what we do not see happening in the emergency room. Dr. Weil gave me an increased knowledge of the medical field as he shared more about life as a doctor. Irene Brennick was also inspirational as she told us about helping out the patients and how big of a difference the volunteers make."      Jordan Hobmann

Los Robles Director of Community Services, Irene Brennick

"I really enjoyed the meeting at Los Robles hospital. II liked the ER Nurses and I found their presentation on triage to be very interesting. I thought Dr. Weil was a great speaker and I got most of my questions about working at a hospital answered. I also liked hearing form Irene Brennick. She got me interested in volunteering there and I have already signed up to do so. In conclusion, I really liked last Thursdays meeting and I'm really glad we got the opportunity to go there."     Madison Call

"The trip to the hospital was one of the best meetings so far. The part where we had to deduce which patient needed to be attended to first was very entertaining as well as educational. The speaker I liked the best was Irene Brennick. She made the volunteer program at the hospital sound not only a great way to get involved with the community, but also a great way to learn about the day-to-day functioning of the hospital. Being a 15 year-old, I can apply to become a volunteer there in a year and learn the ins and outs of being a doctor at the hospital."        Jonathon Sears 
"The session at Los Robles Hospital taught me a lot about the medical field that I did not know before. The nurses and Dr. Weil were very enthusiastic about there jobs which made me consider their field of work. Irene Brennick also incorporated a lot of knowledge of what goes on at the hospital besides the actual medical aspect such as marketing, volunteering, etc. This meeting was fascinating as well as informative of what goes on at a hospital, and what it needs to function. Overall it was very engaging."    Effie Sklavenitis

"I found the meeting last Thursday to be very informative, and found the staff to be quite nice. The staff gave me a new perspective on the jobs of doctors and nurses."     Steven Francus

I liked visiting the hospital a lot. I thought it was very informative and I truly learned a lot. I learned most from the first nurse and she was really interesting to listen to. Can't wait until the next one.    Allie Gurvitz

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