Mar 18, 2010

Youth Congress Leadership Meets at Agoura Hills City Hall

Students comment on the program at the Agoura Hills City Hall: 

"The meeting at city hall was very informative and insightful in terms of what it takes to run a city. I truly enjoyed watching the various speakers explain how local government plays into managing a city."
Tony Milgram

"I liked the presentations about city government because I went into it knowing very little.  I really enjoyed hearing specific examples of how they are helping the community, and the "Before and After" picture they showed of that creek with the use of Ozone was really impressive."
Colleen Murphy

"I liked learning about the Reyes Adobe Road project from the power point presentation, since I live nearby. I also enjoyed learning about the street resurfacing using recycled tires."
Dylan Flanders
 Youth Congress students take part in discussion at Agoura Hills City Hall

 Tony Milgram takes over the Mayor's chair.

Assistant City Manager Louis Celaya talks to students.

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