Oct 14, 2009

California Looks to Storm Water as Resource

With the subject of water conservation currently on everyone's mind, Californians should be encouraged by the recent passage of the Storm Water Resource Planning Act, SB 790. The bill, authored by State Senator Fran Pavley allows cities to tap funds from two existing bond measures, Prop. 50 and Prop. 84, for projects that  reduce or reuse stormwater, recharge ground water supplies, or create green spaces and enhance wildlife habitats. "I was proud to carry 790," Sen. Pavley told the L.A.Times. "It uses existing funds to create new water supplies out of water that in the past was simply treated and dumped. This bill helps create a significant new source of water for our always water-short state." SB 790 was signed into law Sunday and takes effect Jan. 1, 2010. See: L.A. Times Environment

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