Jun 18, 2009

A Brave New World

Events in Iran are a vivid reminder of how fast technology is changing the world around us. As an oppressive regime blocks television and radio broadcasts, throws foreign correspondents out of the country, and attempts to clamp down on cell phone transmissions and internet sites, thousands of young Iranians are Twittering their messages around the world. Videos and pictures from the streets of Tehran are appearing on computer monitors and cell phones everywhere. The government cannot stop it.

The implications of these events are stunning. We are no longer seeing the news through the eyes of a correspondent; we are getting it from the streets, from the people most directly affected. We are now compelled to make the same judgments and observations about what we see and read as the reporter on the scene did for us in years gone by. Moreover, the technology serves to reach us on a fundamentally human level. We feel a connection to these people like nothing we ever got from a news broadcast or newspaper story.

The technology underpinning these events has already changed the world. We, at the Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation recognize the need to understand the implications of this technology and what it will mean for our future. We are committed to keeping our region prepared and ready for the changes that the future will bring.

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